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ImmuNation offers substantial relief for people with immune deficiencies and those seeking an effective supplement to augment and possibly reduce the duration of drug therapies. All natural and safe, ImmuNation can be an important adjunct to modern therapies now and for years to come. Oh, you already take a nutritional supplement and you're pretty healthy? Please read on! While we know that malnutrition, which always leads to an immune system deficiency, is a serious problem in developing countries, most of us don't realize that it is also a serious problem in the United States and other industrialized nations. This is largely attributed to depleted soils, over-processed foods and poor eating habits.

Instead of trying to think in terms of how "sick" we might be, perhaps we could better appreciate the problem if we look at how healthy we once were. 1. 2-3% of people infected with HIV have apparently arrested its progression and show no signs of getting sicker. This feat was attributed to the strength of the immune system prior to infection. This first made news a number of years ago. 2.

One baby actually cleared HIV from its body without the benefit of treatment! This was reported about 10 years ago. Do you recall the story? 3. How about YOUR story? Do you know that cancer cells develop in you every day?

Fortunately, your immune system is designed to constantly seek and destroy these diseased cells. Unfortunately, this essential process is failing in a growing number of people and may account for the 44-100% rise in a variety of cancers. 4. Malnutrition and the subsequent weakening of the immune system is a growing problem EVERYWHERE! Research shows that a fully functioning immune system can defeat ANY disease. However, a deficiency of even one nutrient can cause friendly organisms living in us to become pathogens (unfriendly), which then feast on the healthy cells in our body.

At RPM Research, our goal is the eradication of infections born from within and without and the restoration of key nutrients within the immune system. ImmuNation delivers multi-nutrients in precise, highly effective doses. To combat viral, bacterial and parasitical loads, Olive Leaf Extract is utilized in a dose designed to saturate the body for a more thorough eradication of infections. This is necessary to protect various nutrients essential to us which are also essential to diseases. This often becomes an unending struggle for nutrients until these infections are destroyed. Not addressing this problem is why most nutritional supplements are failing to bring us to health.

Utilizing the most current micro-nutrient information, ImmuNation delivers effective dosages against HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, anthrax, smallpox, bacterial and viral meningitis, pneumonia, gonorrhea and syphilis. ImmuNation targets over 100 other diseases.

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