What you are about to discover proves that What you don't know CAN kill you. And what you're ignoring, as a result, could literally be eating you alive . . .

this very moment. Even if you think you're doing all the right things by keeping current and following the best of what's out there. In the time it takes to skip a TV commercial break you can literally tune in to all you need to know to save your life and the lives of those you love! We believe you deserve to know the whole story.

The absolute truth backed by the best medical science in the world. I urge you to read on So if you think that the predictions of living a full life and then gently slipping away into the night at the age of 120 is pure science fiction better think again. The Source Waters To The Fountain Of Youth Have Been Discovered! T he Silence Has Now Been Broken!

Take control of your health, your happiness and your longevity. It's your birthright to have access to your genetic code so you can discover your pathway to perfect health. Personalized Nutrition, specifically coded for every cell of your body, as precisely as the print pattern on your index finger. Because your genetic blueprint is In fact, the popular approaches have caused and reactions.

To say that one-size-fits-all can NOT, does NOT, will NOT work is an understatement. Understandable. There are so many books, fads and diets out there that even their author experts can't get it straight. In fact, some will privately admit that they only have a small piece of the puzzle.

So they know they're giving us an incomplete health picture to swallow whole! The Real Danger Lies In The Fact That . . .

No one has any bonafide proof to unequivably back up their health claims. With analysis and laboratory tests that go deeper than those used to diagnose disease in the first place, our world-class medical laboratories prove that our personalized system eliminates the cause of illness in your body, even before symptoms begin to show. It also feeds your body its exact solution for optimum health, vitality and longevity. We're talking the ultimate in laboratory facilities and scientific testing devoted to your perfect plan for life.

With assays and analysis well beyond routine medical testing for disease. We investigate the synergistic and antagonistic relationships between each of over 1,400 nutrient factors critical to every metabolic function of the human body. And because we are a pure and proven science with thousands of documented cases, Personalized Nutrition has the only nutritional screening test that has ever been endorsed by the EPA. And they endorsed it not once, but twice!

They consider it the absolute gold standard for nutritional testing today. It is undisputedly the proven best. This may be one of the longest letters you will ever read! For all our advancements in medicine, North America is facing an epidemic of diet-related killers.

Add in our propensity to latch onto the next quick fix, diet craze and our random and unmonitored intake of nutritional supplements (further complicated by exposure to environmental toxins), and you have an insidious recipe that is literally eating our nation alive. And even if you read every health book on the New York Times bestseller list or you attend every health seminar you can, I guarantee you that reading this letter will change the way you think about how you treat the years you have left in your body! The current average life expectancy for North Americans is 77. 5 years.

So if you're in the middle of the Baby Boomer curve, you're hitting 50. This means that you have 27. 5 years left, barring unexpected events or disease. And given statistics also tell us that we lose 20% of that time to eating and sleeping, another 10% to shuffling our "to do" lists and standing in line, that takes you down to 19.

25 years. Obviously, your number may be more or less depending on your age. But the question is : "Just how much of whatever time you have left, do you want to spend being able to actually enjoy doing the things you want to do"? "Just how quickly and permanently do you want to change the way you feel?

Or, how much longer do you want to continue looking and feeling the way you do"? Your answers to the above questions will determine just how important this letter is to you. The clock really is ticking! Whether you're motivated by what you really want .

. . or by what you fear you'll get, if you don't find a fail-proof way to take charge of your heath. You know it's worth your time to read about tomorrow's wellness solution today.

One that flies in the face of health care as we currently know it. Whether you have a health problem now, or are striving for a specific health and fitness goal: READ ON and FIND OUT!