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Having a problem with the thyroid is more common than a person might realize. The symptoms of low thyroid condition include weight gain, fatigue, sleeping disorders, anxiety, depression, allergies, skin problems and constipation problems which can greatly affect your everyday quality of life and if left untreated can lead to other problems that must be dealt with, but that does not mean that a person can not do things that will help lessen or eliminate the symptoms that a person is dealing with. An under active thyroid that occurs when a person is not producing enough of the needed hormones is the issue that is more prevalent. When the thyroid is malfunctioning in this way a person will not have the levels of chemicals that it is supposed to have. Because of the lack of chemicals a person’s body slows down and leaves a person feel like they are dragging throughout their daily lives. People need the chemicals that are produced by the thyroid to regulate the way they use the energy they have. It uses iodine to produce the hormones.

When a person is not able to regulate the production of the hormones a person will suffer from the problems that come with a over active or under active thyroid, In order to discover the reasons behind the symptoms a doctor needs to check the levels of the hormones in a person’s body. By combining the results of the blood work with a patient history and a thyroid scan a doctor can determine what is causing the thyroid to work improperly. There are a few different hormones that are associated with the thyroid. When levels of T4 are low, symptoms of an under active thyroid gland will become apparent unless hormone levels are regulated. The thyroid stimulating hormone that is produced in a person’s body is responsible for regulating the thyroids output. This hormone is responsible for telling the thyroid to get iodine from a person’s blood. This in turn stimulates the production of the T4 hormone that is needed in our body.

This condition that people suffer from is a chronic condition. A person will have to follow some regimen that can include a pill that has a synthetic T4 hormone that takes time to determine the dose that a person needs and can be used in conjunction with a low thyroid diet pills and other types of holistic medicine approaches to help a person deal with the lack of energy and other aches and pains that a person has when their thyroid is not working properly. A child will require more medicine than someone who is older. One of the side effects of the therapy is that a person who has certain coronary issues has to be careful not to further aggravate them. Medication must be monitored over time to ensure that a person is taking the proper amount. Once a person has found the dose that they require it should be evaluated on a yearly basis. To much medicine can lead to heart palpitations, high blood pressure, and osteoporisis.

It is very common for someone to have this condition and they should not feel like an outcast. Dealing with a condition that will require a lifetime of therapy can take a toll on a person. People with this condition are not invalids The treatment needs to become a part of what they do, but it does not have to control who they are. Hypothyroidism is a disease that can be diagnosed and can be treated. That is the important part for a person to remember. A person can incorporate the regiment that they need to follow to stay healthy into their every day life. People can decide to do just that.

An under active thyroid might be beyond their control. Take care of the problem so that it does not become a bigger problem.

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