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Those of us who are wondering what the best foods to eat for a hyo ro eaegneeda with an under active thyroid need to both avoid foods that suppress our thyroid and also eat more of the foods that stimulate it. It might be years before doctors will agree that food plays in big part in thyroid health. For those of us living with the problem, we cannot wait for them to catch up with us. There is enough information out there right now to make the best choices for our hypothyroidism diet, and there will be more in years to come. Let’s take a look at what we know now. One thing that may surprise you is that coffee has some incredible benefits when it comes to your thyroid.

Caffeine actually works to simulate your thyroid gland. In addition, coffee is high is B vitamins and magnesium which are both needed for your thyroid to function properly. People who drink coffee actually have the lowest incidence of thyroid disease, studies have shown. For the most optimal hypothyroidism diet however, you should not drink coffee on an empty stomach. Have you ever heard of bone broth? I never had either, but that is actually the next recommendation on the list for your hypothyroidism diet.

Bone both is both easy to digest and it is also very nutrient dense. It’s a great option to the nutrients in meat alone because bone broth contains some extremely anti-inflammatory amino acids that meats alone do not have. The connective tissues in animal contains gelatin that is high in glycine and proline, and is very calming and healing when consumed. Many people believe that it is best to eat the entire animal and not just certain parts of it, because of balance that naturally exists when an animal is in it’s whole form. There are many arguments to support this theory, and the fact that bone broth is so full of health benefits is definitely convincing. Shellfish is another food that should be consumed on a hypothyroidism diet.

One great benefit of shellfish is that it’s high in selenium, which is required in our bodies to convert the inactive T4 hormone to the active T3 hormone, which is in your liver. Also, there aren’t many food that actually contain thyroid hormone, and shellfish is one that does. This certainly will give our thyroid some extra help. Another benefit of shellfish is that it tastes so darn good! Go ahead and indulge! Lastly, and another surprising recommendation is to increase your salt intake.

Sodium gets a really bad rap these days, but it’s actually very important for many functions within our bodies and especially on a hypothyroidism diet. Sodium is necessary for regulating blood pressure. Also, when your sodium level is low, it actually slows your metabolism down and your stress hormones increase, which can have a negative effect on your thyroid. This can also lead to sleep problems, which is never good. For more information on a hypothyroidism diet, check out the  Hypothyroidism Revolution.

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