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PST. Allergies are the most common ailment issue with Dogs today. They are just as common for your pet as they are for you. Dog allergies have a wide spectrum of symptoms, several listed above, as well as numerous sources that are the cause of the allergy. It is very common for large dogs develop arthritis as they age, however small dogs can also develop arthritis. Although there are no miracle cures for arthritis in dogs, is available!

Because our dogs can suffer from many different types of arthritis, some times finding out what exact type of arthritis our dog may have can be very expensive and time consuming. Dogs with bone cancer have a very tough and painfully disease to conquer. Bone cancer isn’t genetically selective although some breeds seem to get it more often than others. There is no known reason why bone cancer will strike. Even healthy dogs can suddenly fall victim to the disease. The best method for long term success is a two-pronged attack on the tumor or lump.

The first step is to reduce the size. The second step is to address the underlying cause of the problem which is a failure of your pet’s body to recognize unsafe/ cancerous cells as intruders and eliminate them. The failure to recognize these dangerous cells is what allows the tumors or lumps to originate, grow, and return if not dealt with. Cataracts are one of the most common problems affecting the eyes of our pets. A cataract is a condition of the eye where the lens becomes cloudy making it difficult for the pet to see. Cataracts may affect one or both eyes.

The cataracts may stay small or it can worsen and block light from the retina, thus causing partial vision loss or complete blindness. Colitis is a term that is referring to many different conditions that affect the large intestine. Canine Colitis is one of the major causes for chronic canine diarrhea. This can cause the colon not work properly and in turn causes problems within the digestive tract. There are many things that cause canine colitis. Example: Chronic IBS, Foreign Bodies, IBS, Parasites and more.

. . Cushing’s disease occurs when the adrenal glands over produce the hormone corticosteroid. Often referred to by your vet as Hyperadrenocorticism, Cushing’s disease can be a result of natural degradation of your pets adrenal or pituitary gland or be developed through the use of medications such as prednisone. This supplement can help’s heal the diabetes at the source. It starts by flushing toxins out of the cells, purifying the blood, strengthening the immune system and improving the body's ability to absorb and process crucial minerals, herbs, vitamins, and amino acids, which are the building blocks of healthy cells.

This natural synergistic blend is formulated to help heal safely, quickly and effectively. There are several factors to consider when it comes to a dogs dry skin. MOst of the time a canines dry sky is brought upon by, fungal infections, allergies and/or a change in diet. Ear infections can be caused by many different factors such as bacteria, fungus, ear mites, food or other allergies, unhealthy hygiene and the over abundance of toxins in today’s environment. There are also chronic and non-chronic ear issues. Non Chronic ear infections are typically confined to the vicinity of the ear and not involve other areas of the body.

The most common dog eye diseases are cataracts and glaucoma. Glaucoma can come out of nowhere and once symptoms have started it is a up hill battle from that point. The same with Canine Cataracts. Dog eye infections can have several causes, inflamation, unusual drainage, sensitivity to light and more. Canine infection is generally caused by the dog’s body losing its capacity to fight off certain types of bacteria. Bacteria infections are common, can occur at any time, and in almost any conditions.

Canine Kidney Disease can affect a dogs, blood pressure, blood sugars, hormones, red blood cells and blood volume. The most common cause of canine kidney disease is hereditary factors. Other factors can be urinary blockages, lymphoma and certain medications. Canine lyme disease is a transmitted disease most commonly caused by ticks. Canine lyme disease is one of the world’s most common transmitted canine diseases. It is caused by bacteria.

One of the most common signs that your dog may be infected with lyme disease is lameness that is brought on by inflammation within your dogs joints. Other signs may be a loss of appetite or lack of energy. Lyme disease can lead to damage of the kidneys, heart and nervous system. Canine Lymphoma can be a devastating experience and although considered a very dire condition many times, with swift treatment, it is not fatal. Of all the types of cancers, Canine lymphoma is the most common with malignant tumors that develop on the dog’s lymph nodes, liver or spleen. Other areas of attack can be the digestive system and even the eyes and skin.

Few conditions for a dog are as painful or visually repulsive as mange. Mange is a condition that carries with it a stigma that can turn a lovable family pet into an unattractive and unwanted animal. The cause of this unsightly and unhealthy disease is a tiny mite and comes in three different varieties. Canine Melanoma in the simplest of terms is skin cancer. The skin cells or melanocytes that produce pigment and color within the basal layer begin to radically multiply and attack surrounding tissue. Normal cells have a self-destruct mechanism when they over produce but canine cancer cell lose that ability and start reproducing at an unchecked rate, often taking over skin and organs as a way of feeding themselves.

The Pancreas organ is shaped like a V found behind the stomach. We the dogs pancreas becomes inflamed it is called pancreatitis. Pancreas Inflammation is caused by digestive enzymes leaking into the pancreatic tissues. This normally causes abdominal pain. A dog can have a seizure at any time. This does not mean that your beloved pet has epilepsy.

Some causes can be Hypoglycemia, Hypocalcemia, Kidney Disease, Tick Bites and much more. A Sensitive Stomach is a common aliment with dogs. Any dog can get a upset stomach at any time, age and/or breed. Trying to figure out the cause of what is upsetting your dogs stomach can be a large task. The most common causes for your dogs sensitive stomach is thier diet. Othier causes can be stress, motion sickness and trauma.

Canines can suffer from a health problem just like humans do; including eczema, dermatitis, abscesses, warts and believe it or not, acne. But unlike people who do their own kind of shedding from hair and skin, when dog  shedding becomes excessive, it is often an indicator of underlying health problems. Once shiny hair that suddenly shows a shedding problem and lackluster or dullness to the coat, can serve as a caution to stop and get your pet checked out. Website Disclosures **Should you desire to receive a refund, please contact us via phone or email to receive a return authorization number. We require that the customer return any unused portion with the bottle (even if the bottle is empty) to our office within 60 days of purchase. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs.

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