various enzymes, different bodily functions

Our body produces various enzymes that are critical for different bodily functions, the most important being digestion. The food we intake is worked upon by many enzymes that break down the nutrients that are essential for the body. One of the most important enzymes that play a critical role in the digestion process is the amylase. This is the enzyme that is present in the saliva of human beings which is where the first step of digestion takes place. Amylase is the enzyme that acts as a catalyst is the process of breaking down starch that we intake into sugar. Have you ever wondered by foods such as potatoes or rice taste sweet in your mouth though they are actually not?

This is because the amylase enzyme which is present in the saliva starts acting upon them and breaking down the starch into sugar as the food is being chewed. The pancreas is also an organ that produces a particular form of amylase which helps in hydrolyzing the starch into trisaccharides and disaccharides which are further acted upon by other enzymes to produce glucose which provides energy to various parts of the body. It is interesting to note that not only human beings, but also bacteria and plants produce this enzyme. One of the most important benefits of amylase enzyme is that it starts the process of breaking down the starch into sugar right from the minute food enters the body. The fact that this protein is present in the saliva benefits the small intestine. If not for this enzyme, the task of breaking down starch into sugar would have had to be done by the small intestine.

Another benefit of amylase is that this protein is useful not just for the digestion of carbohydrates, but also for the eliminating pus, which is nothing by dead white blood cells. More often than not, dead white blood cells increase when we sustain injuries but do not take proper care or treatment. If left unattended, the pus may increase causing more harm. Amylase, along with the medicine prescribed by the doctor, works on the infected part to eliminate the infection and promotes healing. People who intake a lot of carbohydrates in their diet may develop amylase deficiency over a period of time, which may, in turn, hamper the process of healing. Amylase enzyme is also very well known for its anti inflammatory properties.

This is highly beneficial in ways more than one. This enzyme reduces auto immunity, which in turn, prevents excessive tissue damage in certain cases. Many countries inEurope also use this oral enzyme instead of anti-inflammatory drugs. Studies reveal that the anti-inflammatory properties of this enzyme can help keep conditions such as arthritis and other diseases caused due to inflammation. Certain studies being done inSwitzerland have also revealed that amylase can play a key role in the treatment for cancer. This enzyme has the ability of curb the increase of tumor cells, thereby preventing this problem from spreading to other parts of the body and causing fatalities.

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